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Kate Johnson

Kate is the owner of The Art of Cheese, an artisan cheesemaking school located in Longmont, Colorado. She has won many local awards for her own homemade cheeses and has a passion for teaching others how to succeed in their own home kitchen. In addition to teaching cheesemaking, Kate also runs a small dairy goat farm and collaborates with several other local dairy farms and creameries.

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About this course

In this free 20 minute introduction to cheesemaking, you will have access to video lessons as well as downloadable recipes and other useful information.  I will cover all the basics you need to know about equipment, ingredients, how to make good milk choices and much more.  I will then walk you step-by-step through the making of your first cheese, Homemade Artisan Ricotta!  You can stop and start the course at any point and watch it as many times as you'd like.  We hope you'll enjoy learning the basic art and science of cheesemaking with us.  And when you're ready for more recipes, tips and techniques, just go on to our two other courses, Quick & Easy Cheeses and Intro to Pressed & Aged Cheeses.