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Joan Fullerton

I've been teaching art for over 40 years to all ages and all levels of experience. With an MFA in Painting, an ongoing career as a fine artist,13 years as an award winning college instructor, and now many years teaching workshops internationally, I understand the creative process and how to communicate it to others. Not only do I have academic credentials and years of experience teaching, I care about uplifting people. My classes are devoted to developing curiosity, intuition, contemplation, imagination, and the value of play.

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About this course

Welcome to "Paint Yourself Free"! An online class  unlike any other! NOT a "step-by-step, how-to" class. This course was developed to give you the authority to make your own unique paintings...truly original art. This class is not just about making paintings; this class is a transformational life experience!

I'm thrilled to have you on board and am eager to see what art you create and to hear about your experience.

 Develop and Expand YOUR Creative Voice! 

With access to inspiring demonstrations, lectures, encouragement and practice, you’ll learn how to coax hints of reality from an abstract background, how to control values and colors for emotional emphasis, and how to suggest rather than delineate. You'll explore working intuitively, responding to what shows up, working in a series, mixing and utilizing neutrals for softer, more ethereal abstracts.
We'll address confidence, procrastination, vulnerability, curiosity, courage, play, inspiration, intuition, your mean critic, incorporating metaphor and evolving your art.
Work in your own studio at your own time and pace!

Watch the videos, download the PDF printable materials and listen to the audios prompts while you paint. Let me "boss" you into a spontaneous, imaginative art expression.
Share your images and new awareness in the private class forum. Learn from the experiences of the group, and I'll be there with you, eager to contribute!

*note: The class exercises were developed for acrylic paint, however, the process and attitude will enhance the freedom of your watercolor or oil painting.